God quotes

1. God is love.
2. God is light.
3. God is good.
4. God is great.
5. God is all-powerful.
6. God is all-knowing.
7. God is everywhere present.
8. God is eternal.
9. God is unchanging.
10. God is perfect.
11. God is merciful.
12. God is just.
13. God is forgiving.
14. God is compassionate.
15. God is gracious.
16. God is loving.
17. God is kind.
18. God is patient.
19. God is faithful.
20. God is hope.
21. God is peace.
22. God is joy.
23. God is life.
24. God is the way.
25. God is the truth.
26. God is the life.
27. God is the beginning and the end.
28. God is the alpha and the omega.
29. God is the creator.
30. God is the sustainer.
31. God is the redeemer.
32. God is the judge.
33. God is the king.
34. God is the lord.
35. God is the almighty.
36. God is the one true God.
37. There is no other God but God.
38. God is greater than all.
39. God is above all.
40. God is beyond all.
41. God is within all.
42. God is with us always.
43. God is for us.
44. God is with us.
45. God is our friend.
46. God is our father.
47. God is our mother.
48. God is our lover.
49. God is our everything.
50. We are loved by God.
51. We are forgiven by God.
52. We are redeemed by God.
53. We are saved by God.
54. We are children of God.
55. We are heirs of God.
56. We are co-heirs with Christ.
57. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places.
58. We are more than conquerors through Christ.
59. We are victorious in Christ.
60. We are overcomers in Christ.
61. We are strong in Christ.
62. We are wise in Christ.
63. We are blessed in Christ.
64. We are holy in Christ.
65. We are righteous in Christ.
66. We are blameless in Christ.
67. We are perfect in Christ.
68. We are complete in Christ.
69. We are sufficient in Christ.
70. We are all things in Christ.
71. We are more than enough in Christ.
72. We are one with Christ.
73. We are in Christ.
74. Christ is in us.
75. We are Christ.
76. Christ is our life.
77. We are crucified with Christ.
78. We are dead to sin.
79. We are alive to Christ.
80. We are raised with Christ.
81. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places.
82. We are God’s workmanship.
83. We are created in Christ Jesus for good works.
84. We are predestined to be conformed to the image of Christ.
85. We are called to be holy as God is holy.
86. We are called to love one another.
87. We are called to forgive one another.
88. We are called to serve one another.
89. We are called to witness to the world.
90. We are called to make disciples of all nations.
91. We are called to love our enemies.
92. We are called to pray for those who persecute us.
93. We are called to be salt and light in the world.
94. We are called to be a kingdom of priests.
95. We are called to be a holy nation.
96. We are called to be a people for God’s own possession.
97. We are called to be a light to the nations.
98. We are called to be a city on a hill.
99. We are called to be a witness to the world.
100. We are called to

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